“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ― Charles Dickens

The British Shorthair has a stocky, sturdy, square body with a broad, full chest, short, strong legs, and a short, thick tail that tapers to a rounded tip. He wears a plush, luxurious coat that makes you want to roll around in it. He has a round head with a short nose, chubby cheeks and round eyes, all of which combine to give him a smiling expression.

   Mostly British Shorthair is known as the best choice of pet for busy business person who cannot really devote enough time to their pet. Generally, they are very independent and they are able to enjoy themselves with no problem at all. They require only minimal care and are good at being kept indoors only. Because of its balanced, calm and friendly nature, British cats are ideal companions. Most of them are extremely tolerant and adaptable.

   However, it is also a great choice for a large family. This is a good-natured and worthy breed, not as active and playful as many, but good-natured and loyal to their owners. They tend to be safe around other pets and children since they will tolerate a fair amount of physical interaction, it likes cuddling and contacts with the members of the household, but as a rule do not like to be picked up or carried. The British cats avoid strangers and prefer to watch them from afar first.

   The British shorthair exists in a range of amazing colors and patterns. Initially, the breed was mainly kept in blue, is still the most popular one. Till now, Persian long-haired cats are re-crossed to prevent from losing the type of the British Shorthair cat. As a result, other British cats gradually developed different colors.



Full colour :

  • White BRI/BLH w

  •  Black BRI/BLH n

  •  Chocolate BRI/BLH b

  •  Blue BRI/BLH a

  •  Red BRI/BLH d 

  •  Lilac BRI/BLH c

  •  Cream BRI/BLH e

  •  Fawn BRI/BLH p

  •  Cinnamon BRI/BLH o

Tortoiseshell :

  • Smoke tortie BRI/BLH f

  •  Bicolour tottie BRI/BLH 03

  •  Black tortie BRI/BLH f

  •  Chocolate tortie BRI/BLH h

  •  Blue-Cream tortie BRI/BLH g

  •  Lilac-Cream tortie BRI/BLH j

  •  Cinnamon tortie BRI/BLH q

  •  Fawn-Cream tortie BRI/BLH r

Gold shell :

  • Gold shaded BRI/BLH ny11

  • Gold shell, tipped BRI/BLH ny12

Silver shell :

  • Silver shaded  BRI/BLH ns11

  •  Silver shell, tipped  BRI/BLH ns12

Smoke colours :

  • Classic smoke

  •  Smoke bicolour

Colours with White :

  • Smoke with white

  •  Colorpoint with white

  •  Colours with white tabby

Tabby :

  • Marbel tabby BRI/BLH 22

  •  Spotted tabby BRI/BLH 24

  •  Agouti tabby BRI/BLH 23

  •  Classic silver tabby BRI/BLH ns 22

  •  Classic golden tabby BRI/BLH ny 22

Colour-point :

  • Black point BRI/BLH n 33

  •  Chocolate point BRI/BLH b 33

  •  Blue point BRI/BLH g 33

  •  Lilac point BRI/BLH с 33

  •  Red point BRI/BLH d 33

  •  Cream point BRI/BLH е 33

  •  Colour point tortie BRI/BLH f 33

  •  Smoke colour point BRI/BLH s33

  •  Shaded colour point BRI/BLH 33

  •  Tipped (shell) colour point BRI/BLH 33 (11)

  •  Colour point bicolour BRI/BLH 33 (03)

  •  Fawn point BRI/BLH p33

  •  Cinnamon point BRI/BLH o33