AFINA  (British Shorthair BSH q)

AFINA (British Shorthair BSH q)

Afina Aurora Atlantic

We have been blessed with our Afina who is gorgeous Cinnamon Tortie.   This is a really very rare variant of the tortoiseshell color of British Shorthair. The color of the fur coat is warm and rich. The spots are evenly distributed, with a red spot on the animal's face. “In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats” is so much true about our Afina. She is playful and funny kitten. You are going to be happy and proud to have her in your house.


Carries the cinnamon, fawn, blue genes.                         

Health certificate (International vet passport), shots, microchip, pedigree FIFe.

Fully Available.


Contact Us: +1 (346) 702 0202 (WhatsApp,Viber) +7 (917) 504 8787 (Cell)

  • Coat Color

    BSH (BRI) q (Cinnamon Tortie)

  • Date of Birth

    April 10th, 2020

  • Pedigree registration (FIFe) #

    FRU LO ...

  • Price

    Call for price (Breeding rights)

  • Delivery

    Bronx branch pickup or delivery upon request.


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